Extravagant Welcome

Immanuel UCC Non-discrimination Statement

Immanuel United Church of Christ does not discriminate in our hospitality to visitors, our acceptance of new members, or our hiring practices due to any of the following categories of variation among God’s children, including:

Social ladder status, educational status, job status, marital status, family status, age, race, ethnicity, or country of origin, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health, cleanliness of body, house, or automobile, odor, clothing preferences, gender or gender preference (if any), sexual orientation, intellectual or athletic abilities, veteran or civilian, lover or fighter, bowler or golfer, world traveler or home bound, hairy or bald, large or small, short or tall, driving ability, energy levels, cat or dog lover, favorite color, whether you own your own home, rent, or live on the streets, theology, creed, or religion, although we prefer that you have at least some affinity for the United Church of Christ.

We practice “open communion,” which means if you are spiritually hungry or thirsty you are welcome to join us at Christ’s table.